An extract from my recent reflection assignment.

Open to change

A major component of critical reflection is one of being open to change, and self- flagellation is something I need to address.   If I do not focus on this issue, I will continue to shy away from collaborative events in which I will be required to contribute to discussion and share ideas with fellow students and researchers, and this will render me unable to fully achieve the requirements and expectations a professional doctorate demands. 

My mentor has helped in breaking down my personal barriers through regular and encouraging skype sessions.  The written feedback from both my markers on both assignments have also helped in allowing myself to break free from the uncertainty I feel.  To enable further change in building my confidence in public speaking, I have become a member of the local Society of Toastmasters Club.  I have set up a blog that allows me to voice my thoughts to the world, although I am wary of the responses.  To embrace social media further, I have created a Twitter and LinkedIn account and have posted on these forums.  I have also posted comments on various other blogs.  This is my way of creating inclusion in a world that I have, up to now, felt excluded.  By implementing these measures, I hope to be able to express ideas, and debate with others, with an air of confidence and self-assurance.

I feel I am on the precipice of a new world that will unlock opportunities and experiences that are unfamiliar to me.  I find this both exciting and daunting.  However, hard work and determination throughout my academic journey has allowed me to get to this point and, with continued resolve, I will overcome my internal conflicts.  I am therefore taking the advice of Mezirow (1990) and unblocking my internal constraints which will allow me to transform into the liberated and confident Doctor of Education I want to be. 


Mezirow, J. (1990) Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood: A Guide to Transformative and Emancipatory Learning.  Available at: